Staff Picks

Aimee, Staff Picks

Howl’s Moving Castle

Originally published in 1986, this title is more commonly known from its Studio Ghibli adaptation! Follow Sophie Hatter, after her unfortunate run-in with the Witch of the Waste, as she partners […]
Aimee, Staff Picks

In a Garden Burning Gold

Lexos and Rhea, along with their younger siblings, have spent their whole lives helping their father rule their country. However, when their family’s power starts to slip from their grasp […]
Aimee, Staff Picks


March of 2011 marks the largest earthquake to ever hit off of the coast of Japan. The events that followed devastated the nation. In this book you’ll learn the science, […]
Dana, Staff Picks


I was told that this book was even better than Palacio’s breakout hit, Wonder, so I had to pick up a copy. Wonder fans beware, this is a completely different […]
Aimee, Staff Picks


In a racially ambiguous short story, you’ll follow Twyla and Roberta through the years. Initially meeting in a girl’s shelter, the girls are inseparable due to their differences from the […]
Jamie, Staff Picks

That Was Awkward

This compilation of short stories is not only funny it is completely relatable. After spending many years in the Army and traveling around the world, studying body language has become […]
Aimee, Staff Picks

The Binding

Emmett Farmer is an ordinary young man, on his way to taking over the family farm when he is struck with a mysterious illness. When he recovers he finds a […]
Aimee, Staff Picks

The Jasmine Throne

In a fantasy world heavily inspired by Indian history and culture, a maidservant and an outcast princess band together to save the empire. The maidservant Priya holds many secrets from […]
Kate, Staff Picks

The Love Hypothesis

A charming contemporary romance that is part fan fiction (the main male character is a thinly veiled Kylo Ren facsimile) and part smart romantic comedy about smart people!

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