Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020

Riverview Bank
Susquehanna Community Bank
UGI Utilities, Inc.
Weis Markets, Inc.
Cholin Corp., Inc.
Diksha Darshana
Kahlie DeHotman
Melissa E. Kearney
Little Treasures
Otto Book Store
Barbara and Philip Thomas Sr.
Marshall D. Welch III
Williamsport-Lycoming County Council of Republican Women
In honor of …From
Doreen DeckerFirst United Methodist Chuch
Eugene and Ethel DrierRichard Dochter
Judee RobinholtNewberry Lioness Club
Pamelyn BushRoy and Louise Wingate
Norman LungerRobert J. Slothus
The Dincher GirlsLiz Dincher
Margareth KilgusThomas and June Zimmerman
In memory of …From
Alice McBrideKristine Datres
 Wanda and Clifford Kiesinger
 Joanne and Phil Waldron
 Yvonne E. Kaiser
 Gloria and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
 Dale and Shirley Bittenbender
 Josette Flannery
 Richard and Patricia Jacobs
 Suzanne L Straka
 Julie Bittner
Dr. Ann Weber WilliamsGloria and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
 Robert and Janet Farley
 A. Claude and Lois E. Williams
Anne H. ParsonsGloria and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
 Mary Bennardi
Arlene WeaverJohn and Linda Lundy
Beau FinnStephanie T. Calder
Beth SmithEric Anstadt
Betty ProwantDale and Shirley Bittenbender
Bill AlbertiniJames V. Albertini
Christine O’GaraJeri Demel
Cory Rich “Sunshine” CollinsGloria and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
 Nancy Kimball
Deanna BrownR. Kenneth Weiss and Janet Hurwitz
Elizabeth “Beth” Lehman ZabloskiJohn and Diana Konkle
Freda KisbergSherry Hillyard
George CampLesley Beck
Gerald EmigGloria and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
Grace Haynes PageMcNerney, Page, Vanderlin and Hall
Jack C. ZwisleDina Lewis
Jean StaimanThomas and Laurie Burkholder
Lori BorickJennifer DeGregorio
 Gloria and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
Marian SchellThomas and June Zimmerman
 Patricia Damaska
 Gloria and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
 Patricia S. Wittig
 Chester and MaryAnn Lampman
 Gayle Peters-Coates
 Margaret and John F. Piper Jr.
 Laura Dickinson
 Calvetta Walker
Mary CohickMarilyn Kusiak
Nancy BeattieGloria and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
Ned CoatesGayle Peters-Coates
Patricia BowerRichard Mintz and Helaine Greenfield
 Eugene and Rosanne Pelleschi
 Craig Watson
 Robert Pelleschi
 Richard Marcus
 Tracy William Hart
 Michelle Triaca
Pietro “Pete” TedescoL. Randall and Mary Brophy
Recognition Name
Rachelle and Justin Abbott
Beth Armanda
Paul Baclawski
Shelley Bamonte
Patrick Bartlett
Jean L. Bates
Joan and Robert Bauder
Lesley Beck
Dr. Mary Bennardi
Diane and Lee Bernstein
Deborah Bird
Julie Bittner
Marjorie and Paul Blystone
Denise Bower
Nancy and Robert Bowers
Miriam and Thomas Boyd
Kelsey and Drew Boyles
Bernard W. Bredbenner Jr.
Bernadette Brewer
Ruth and Charles Brewer
Susan and Richard Bubb
Georgia Burch
Stacey Butterfield
Hon. Nancy L. Butts
Christine Carlucci
Barbara P. Carson
Jeannette and Charles Carter
Maria and James Casale
Melissa Christ
Lydia and John Comerford
Brette Confair
Jill and R. Craig Confair
Camille Crane
Mary and Jeffrey Crouse
Patricia Damaska
Gladys M. Dapp
Kristine Datres
Amanda Davis
Jonathan DeWald
Laura Dickinson
Emily and Robb Dietrich
Liz Dincher
Ruth Doran
Christina Dorward
Sharon Duck
Julia Dyson
Kevin Eck
Peck Electric Inc.
Janet and Robert Farley
First United Methodist Chuch
Josette Flannery
Mildred and Maurice Forrester
Jane Hoover and John Fry
Kathleen and Karl Fry
Sally and Edward Geer
Susan and Terry Girdon
Margrit Shoemaker and Daniel Glunk
Sarah Goldfinger
Sarah Grieco
Dawn and David Hall
Tracy William Hart
Leah Haussmann
Amy Ershler and John Heggenstaller
Lucy Henry
Shirley E. Hill
Sherry Hillyard
Vanessa and William Holmes Jr.
Karen L. Hooker
Amanda Hooper
Helen E. Hoy
Lindsay and Matthew Huff
Julia and Steve Hulslander
Karen and John Humphrey
Janet McNeil Hurlbert
Debra and Marvin Hurwitz
Phoebe Jackson
Patricia and Richard Jacobs
James V. Brown Library Cookbook Club
Jan and Stephanie Mostowy
Jeanette and Scott Hertzler
Jennifer and Christopher McPherson
Emily R. Jensen
Barbara Johnson
Yvonne E. Kaiser
Rosalie F. Kaleda
Bridget and Jeff Kane
Erin Karpich
Ann Kawa
Clair W. Keefer
William Keenan
Wendy and John Kelsey
Susan and Charles Kemnitz
Kenneth M. Kibbe
Nancy Kimball
Marcie and David Klingler
Cicily Knight
Patricia Koehler
Lauren Kohl
Michael Kolb
Diana and John Konkle
Sharon Koons
Gail Kulp
Marilyn Kusiak
Janice D. Kuzio
Richard Lacerra
Karim A. Lakhdhir
Brenda and Donald Larson
Heather LeBlanc
Kathryn Lehman
Barbara Lendemann
Donna D. Libby
Joshua Lisson
Sandra Love
Ted Loy
Linda and John Lundy
Deborah Maggs
Melissa and Charles Mahler
Paula Maloney
Patricia Martin
Dianne M. Masten
Susan and Vincent Matteo
Betty McCall
Jean McKernan
Gary Metzger
Gloria Miele
Anita Casper and Gerald Miller
Cherie and Jerome Miller
Connie C. Moore
Wanda and Clifford Kiesinger
Linda C. Murray
Susan and Gary Naculich
Karen Nibert
Suzann and Paul Nyman
Joyce Oglesby
Judith and Stuart Olinsky
Sarah Packard
Marilyn L. Palmer
Patty and Roger Chapman
Carrie Pauling
Rosanne and Eugene Pelleschi
Eileen and Anthony Peluso
Charles “Chip” Plankenhorn
Catherine Platusich
Amy Poust
Stephanie and Stephen Radulski
Marisa and Michael Rau
Lana and John Raymond
Dolores Romine
Roy and Louise Wingate
Andrea and David Ryder
Sarah Ely and Larry Converse
Chad Sartori
Joan Schneider
Diane Shaner
Catherine and Thomas Shannon
Theresa and Michael Sheldon
Nancy and Roger Shipley
Pamela Shipman
Suzanne Simon
Judy Slaughter
Robert Slothus
Megan and Glenn Smith
Thomas Speicher
Shirley and Charles Springman
Judith and George Stauffer
Linda L. Stein
Peter Swift
Steven Swisher
Holly and Thomas Tagliaferri
Thomas Temple
Janice and Tom Thaler
Jacqueline and Frederick Thomas
Virginia Thompson
Patricia K. and Calvin Tilley
Tisbest Philanthropy
Judith and Robert Trautwein
Alice and Richard Trowbridge
Cynthia Ulmer
Paul and Georgie Ulrich
Mary and Rocco Valvano
JoAnn T. Wagner
Joanne and Phillip Waldron
Calvetta Walker
Christine and Peter Wallace
Heidi Waltman-Kane
Barbara and David Wascher
Craig Watson
Thomas Weaver
Penny and Richard Weiskerger
Joel and Elsie Wessner
Mallory Weymer
Jill Whalen
Patricia and John Whelan
Nina White
Barbara Wilbur
Alan D. Wilcox
Ann Wilson
Jennifer and Patrick Wilson
Patricia S. Wittig
Linda and Daniel Wolfe
Megan Yaple
Larry Young
Recognition Name
Jane Adams-Delp
Elizabeth Affsprung
James V. Albertini
Shirley K. Alters
Doris and Mark Anderman
Victoria G. Anderton
John “Jack” Archambault
Catherine and William Balduino
Karen and Karl Baldys
Martha and Carl Barlett
Donna and Michael Bastian
John Q. Beauge
Elizabeth Bernardi
Shari and Erik Berthold
Donna Biehl
Karen and John Blaschak
Linda and James Boose
Bostley’s Preschool
Cynthia and James Bower Sr.
Megan Boyle
Diane and Gregory Breon
Mary and L. Randall Brophy
Madelyn and Stephen Brown
James A. Bryan II
Betty and Bruce Buckle
Sherri Buckwalter
Sally Butterfield
Julian Caesar
Marcia Campbell
Penny and David Cappa
Joseph Cardone
Amy and Cullen Chandler
Barbara H. Coates
Regina and Leonard Collins
Cathy Coniff
Patricia Coulter
Brenda and Jeffrey Cowles
Kathleen and Jerald Crosby
Ruthanne Crotty
Ruth E. Croyle
Don Cunningham
Joanne and David Dahl
Marjorie and David DeBlander
Debra and James Buckman
Karen and Alan DeBrody
Doreen and John Decker
Deborah and Stephen Decker
Diana and Charles Defanti
Jennifer DeGregorio
Jeri Demel
Cheryl Dempsey
Candace Dewar
Pamela and Richard Dill
Sue and James Dinsmore
Karen and Randal DiPalo
Richard Dochter
Lauren and Doug Frisco
Naomi Drezner
Janice and Robert Dulak
Gale and Herbie Dunkle
John Eck
Julie and Daniel Ehrgood
Mary and Victor Engel
Barbara and John Ertel
Diane and Gary Fague
Gerry and Wayne Fausnaught
Pascha and David Ferry
Sondra and Kirk Fisher
Constance and William Foresman
Dorothy and Andrew France
Dottie Frank
Robert Fredrickson
Donald Freer
Joy Fuller
Sue and Bill Fulton
Terry and Michael Gaetano
Margaret Gahr
Sarah and Thomas Gehret
Girio Agency, Inc.
Jane and Joseph Graff
Mary L. Graham
Whitney Gray
Maria Gustafson
Douglas E. Harkness
Doris and Lee Harkness
Daniel Hartranft
Jessica W. Heath
Joyce and Harold Hershberger Jr.
Hilsher Graphics
Susan and John Hilsher III
Renee and John Hinds
Bill Hoffmann
Fred A. Holland
Ann and Richard Hoschar
Kathleen Houser
Joshua Hudson
Rebecca and Mark Huffman
Bruce Huffman
Victoria and Jason Hurwitz
James S. Armstrong Associates
Stephanie Stocki and John Neil
Carol Johnson
Louise Jones
Christine and Stephen Kaiser
Christine and Brendan Kavanagh
Donna Kenamond
Gretchen H. Kennedy
Christine Rogers Kindon
Melanie and Daniel King
Kimberly and Kevin Kist
Kiwanis Club of Williamsport
Diana and Ken Kuhns
Carol Lady and Barry Delfino
Ann Y. Lamade
Jill and Michael Lamade
Elaine Lambert
Angela and Lee Miller
Taquila Lee
Dina Lewis
Mary Frances Liddell
Elizabeth C. Lightbourn
Flicka Losch
Marlo Manciocchi de Chávez
Dorothy E. Maples
Anne and Theodore Marmo
Althea and Paul McBride
Ina and Robert McCormick
Phyllis and R. Jack McKernan
McNerney, Page, Vanderlin and Hall
Robert Mincemoyer
Joyce Mix
Theresa and Steven Moff
Annette Montgomery
Robert G. Moore
Karen and Donnie Confer
Marianne and Thomas Mulfinger
Shelby J. Mulberger
Suzanne Murray
Terry L. Neenan
Newberry Lioness Club
Lisa and Robert Nible
Virginia L. Orso
Robin and Timothy Pardoe
Judith and Anthony Parente
Elizabeth and Charles Paris
Anna V. Payne
Robert Pelleschi
Donna Pepperman
Henry P. Perciballi
Sandra H. Person
Cinda and Philip Frederick
Andree P. Phillips
Donna Phillips
Bianca Picco
Chris Plankenhorn
Charline M. Pulizzi
Melissa and Mark Rackish
Patricia Rambo
Christine and Jeffrey Rauff
Lisa and Grant Rees
Patricia Renn
Helaine Greenfield and Richard Mintz
Jeffrey Richards
Merlyn and Kenneth Sawyer
Robert G. Schooley
Janet and Raymond Schreckengast
Helen and Charles Schwarz
Leslie Carpenter Scott
Linda Scott
Joan and Donald Shade
Deborah Shivetts
Rita and Ronald Shoemaker
David Shollenberger
Helen Singer
Deirdre Clarkin and Thomas M. Skallerup
Diane Slaterbeck
Peter Spagnuolo
William Spangle
Laura and George Spencer
Spitler Funeral Home, Inc.
Marcia Stout
Suzanne Straka
Rita and David Strickler
Judith and Albert Styrcula
Candrus Tallman
The Luzerne Foundation
Augustus O. Thomas
Lore and Richard Tignor
Holly and Tom Tillman
Nancy Traub
Michelle Triaca
Nancy and Keith Vanderlin
Carol and John Wagner
Rose Ann and Robert Wallace
Joy Ann and Jerry Walls
Sharon and Richard Walter
Carol Waltz
Rebecca and Larry Waltz
Kathryn Penfield and Gene Weigle
Kay and Richard Weilminster
Susan Woodward Weinstein
Janet Hurwitz and R. Kenneth Weiss
Marshall D. Welch III
Jessica Wheeland
Joanne H. Wise
Joyce Wise
Amy Wolfhope-Briggs
David C. Wright
Margery and Daniel Wurster
Jeanne and William Yaggi
Romy Young
Katherine and Zachary Ritter
Marcia and Andrew Zvara
Recognition Name
Brenda and Don Adams
Nancy Berkheimer
Blaise Alexander Management
Patricia and Paul Braunegg
Dana Brigandi
Maureen and Patrick Carey
Kristin Caringi
Carmen and John Compton Jr.
Patty and JR Confer
Debra and David Damaska
Alissa DuBois and Richard Karp
Kimberly and Michael Dzikowski
Diane and Gary Eck
Dorothy Gerring and William Geyer
Laura and Robert Gilson Jr.
Joan Gingrich
Robin F. Glossner
Charlotte Goldsmith
Deborah and John Grove
Vicki and Andrew Haussmann
Jahna Hawkins
Sally E. Hilsher
June L. Houghtaling
Christine and Philip Johnson
Sarmite K. Judson
Shirley and Oscar Knade Jr.
Mary Fay and Aaron Kolb
Nancy J. Lady
Barbara and Daniel Lamade
MaryAnn and Chester Lampman
Linda and Joe Loehr
Barbara A. Lytle
Richard Marcus
Masonic Lodge 106
Donna and James Maule
Susan E. Mayshock
Karen and Ben Mazzullo
Anne and James Meyer
Karen and C. Edward Mitchell
Linda and Richard Morris
Eileen A. Murphy
Roberta and John Nelms
Erin and Edward Pawlak
Petro’s Jewelers
Pudgie’s Pizza
Marion S. Reeser
Judith and Ronald Rock
Christine and Jack Rupert
Linda Schramm
Livia and Toby Schwartzman
Dianne Maki-Sethi and Ravi Sethi
Karen and Robert Sonntag
Mary Jo and Raymond Stahl
Cindy and Robert Sweppenheiser
Robin and David Troisi
Patricia and Ronald Walko
Lois and A. Claude Williams
Woodlands Bank Employees
Young Men’s Democratic Club
Recognition Name
Audrey and Carl Albright
Eric Anstadt
Shirley and Dale Bittenbender
Saundra and Edward Blackburn
Nancy and Barry Boyer
Cynthia and John Brindger
Carol and Nicholas Catino
William G. Charles
Ardythe and Robert Cross
Jim Cunningham
Frani and Douglas Doherty
Catharine K. Ertel
Carol Carson Evans
Katharine and Jerry Falco
Elizabeth and Dwaine Gipe
Hartman Group
Meghan Hepler
Margaret and Dylan Jenkins
William W. Judson
Kathleen and James Kelley
Elizabeth Klucka
Andria J. Larson
Christy and David Lassiter
E. Larue Lunt
Lycoming Audubon Society
Barbara S. McGary
Ann and Dean Muller
Diane Pelesh
Gayle Peters-Coates
Margaret and John F. Piper Jr.
William Herbert Poff III
Brenda and Barry Rake
Donna Sayah
Louise and David Stone Jr.
Doris Heller Teufel
The Graphic Hive
Young Men’s Republican Club
June and Thomas Zimmerman
Recognition Name
Abram and Dorothy Snyder Foundation
Katherine K. Albertini
James Bobak
Jeanetta A. Brannaka
Laurie and Thomas Burkholder
Stephanie Calder
Christ Episcopal Church
Linda and John M. Confer
Estate of Anne H. Parsons
Martha and Daniel Gandy
Deanna and Anthony Gephart
Grays Run Club LLC
Gloria Z. and Charles “Skip” Greevy III
Harry Plankenhorn Foundation
Martha and Stephen Huddy
Loyalsock Township School District
Lycoming County Genealogical Society
Marguerite Carl Smith Foundation
Patrick and Trisha Gibbons Marty
Anne Rice and Rick Mason
Nancy McCarty
McInroy-Sheffer People Trust
Sara and Rick Mirabito
Barbara and James Moltz
William E. Nichols Sr.
Ann Marie Phillips
Plunketts Creek Township Supervisors
PNC Foundation
PPL Corporation
Robin Read and John Bierley
Margaret and James Redka
Ruth U. Rees
Riverview Bank
Lee and Warren Robinson Jr.
Kathy R. Rogers
Margaret and Mohammad Shafique
Margie Shaw
Elizabeth Yoder and Philip Sprunger
Susquehanna Community Bank
Barbara and Philip Thomas Sr.
UGI Utilities, Inc.
Wegmans Food Market, Inc.
Weis Markets, Inc.
Henry J. Wilkinson Jr.
Williamsport Area School District
Pamela and William Worobec
Recognition Name
First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania
Friends of the James V. Brown Library
Judy and John Maietta