Borrowing Policies

There are a few restrictions on the number of items you can borrow, but usually you may borrow as many books as you like.


  • DVDs – 10 total
  • Video games – 1 per adult card or teen card
  • Music CDs – 6
  • Audiobooks – 10


  • DVDs – 10 children’s titles
  • Music CDs – 6
  • VHS – 10

All DVDs cost 25¢ plus tax to borrow. Loan times range between 2 days and 2 weeks. We also provide BONUS copies of new release DVDs and Best-selling books to rent for $1 each.

How Long Do Materials Circulate?

  • All adult books check out for 3 weeks except for “New” Items/Bonus Books for which are 2 weeks.
  • All adult audio books on CD or Cassette check out for 3 week except for “New” Items are 2 weeks.
  • Video games check out for 7 days and can be renewed one time. Only one video game per adult or teen account.
  • All juvenile and Young Adult books, including new juvenile Books check out for 3 weeks.
  • All juvenile and Young Adult Books on CD or cassette check out for 3 weeks.
  • Children’s DVDs are 2 day for new and 7 day for older.
  • All DVD nonfiction checks out for 2 weeks.

Overdue fines:

Overdue fines are 25¢ per day for adults and teens. DVD and Video overdue fines are $2 per day per movie. The limit per library card for checking out materials is $5. Card privileges are suspended until payment is received.

Don’t forget that you have access to your library account and when items are due with the My Account link.