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The World We Make (The Great Cities, Book 2)

The World We Make (Great Cities #2) by N.K. Jemisin

Again, N.K. Jemisin has surprised me and surpassed my expectations in this continued urban fantasy of the Great City series. Her take on multiverse theory is like nothing I’ve ever read before. A bit complex and mathematical in some aspects, I followed along smoothly throughout the entire story, became attached to certain characters, and even felt sorry for the antagonists. Best of all, Jemisin has a certain way of describing each multiverse and each character in great depth without rambling on for pages. I found it very easy to envision every scene and conflict with clarity. I especially appreciated the nod and reference to Schrödinger’s Cat theory. I recommend this book to anyone who loves urban fantasy, set in current times, complete with current references to our recent political climate by using a “tongue-in-cheek” method of deliverance.

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