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The Paris Daughter

The Paris Daughter by Kristin Harmel

Two expat families meet at a Paris bookstore during World War II when both women are pregnant with girls. As the war begins to come to France, Elise and Juliette make a pact to help each other protect their children at all costs. When Elise becomes a target of the Germans because of her husband’s activities, she gives her daughter to Juliette so she can escape and come back when the war is over. When the war is over, and Elise comes back to Paris, she learns that Juliette’s bookstore has been bombed and only Juliette and Juliette’s daughter survived so they move to America. Elise goes to America seeking answers about her daughter’s death only to find that Juliette is angry and blames Elise for her family’s deaths. A heartbreaking story about motherhood, survival and war.

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