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My Wrexham Story

My Wrexham Story by Paul Mullin

Now that the third season of the Welcome to Wrexham docuseries has ended and we await the Welsh football club’s move into a higher-ranking league, it’s a good time to catch up with the team’s star striker Paul Mullin. In his book, My Wrexham Story, this plainspoken athlete takes us behind the cameras, detailing his lifetime in the game and what it’s really like playing for Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny. The most heartfelt chapter concerns his struggle to balance a demanding sport with family life, including his son who has autism. As Mullin writes – in his unique Liverpool voice – he’s an unlikely superstar thrown into the spotlight and just trying to roll with it as best as he can. I love watching Mullin on the pitch; after reading his life story I admire him even more. 

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