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Girls of Paper and Fire

In the land of Ikhara there are 3 castes of individuals: Paper caste describes those who are fully human and creates the lowest caste, the Steel caste is the middle caste where humans display some animal-demon qualities such as ears or tufts of fur, the highest caste is the Moon cast where those who have whole animal-demon qualities. 17-year-old Lei is part of the Paper caste and her life is turned completely upside down when the General of the Demon King’s army selects her as a tribute to the king, commonly known as a Paper Girl. 8 Paper Girls are selected each year for the king’s entertainment and while this is normally an honor among the central communities, for Lei this is the worst-case scenario. However, Lei will soon realize that she is made of more fire than paper as she starts her Paper Girl training. Filled with Chinese cultural influences, this vibrant fantasy world is sure to sweep you off of your feet within the first couple pages!

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