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Nora’s a literary agent with no social life and is seen as a “shark” to those in the literary world. The only person Nora’s not attacking is her sister Libby, who is expecting her third baby. Which is just one of the reasons why Nora agrees to leave New York and spend a whole month in Sunshine Falls, North Carolina. Libby begs Nora to complete a list of to-do’s while in the small town including; wearing flannel, falling for a local, and saving a local business. Yes, this book will remind you of a Hallmark movie at times. However, this book is more than a slow burn romance. I found the relationship between Nora and Libby as the real storyline throughout this book. Nora has taken care of Libby since their mother passed and now Libby is trying to do something special for Nora. Of course, they argue, keep secrets, but ultimately are there for one another. If you love small town vibes, sisterhood, a little romance and books – pick this one up!

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