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These Hollow Vows

These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan

A New York Times Bestseller and Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Young Adult Fantasy (2021). Brie is struggling to make ends meet, living in her aunt’s moldy basement with her sister and having to steal to pay off their debts. Brie feels like she’s at her lowest, when her aunt sells her sister to the King of the Unseelie Court. Brie is devastated, but will do whatever she can to save her sister – even if it means that she has to enter the Fae world and beg the Unseelie King. However, the King has other plans for Brie – giving her three tasks. These tasks put Brie in between the two faerie courts and their respected princes. Can she trust either one of them, with her secrets and her heart? Filled with a love triangle, action, secrets and a cliffhanger that will have you ready to read the next book, These Twisted Bonds.

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