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Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

In a house with floors that reach so high they extend into the clouds, and so low they’re filled with ocean waves; halls that extend for miles, lined with thousands of unique, intricate statues; and evidence of previous explorers reduced only to bones, lives a man who only knows two things: his name, Piranesi, and the details about the House that he has meticulously recorded in his journals. An atmospheric, enthralling mystery unfolds in Susanna Clarke’s award-winning novel as readers enter the pages of Piranesi’s journals, enveloped in his childlike sense of wonder and worship of this House that he lives in alone, with only occasional visits from a man known as the Other. However, there may be a new visitor wandering the infinite halls, and as Piranesi explores, more and more questions arise about the House and how he got there. I fell in love with the strong voice and sensory details Clarke employed in this novel. If you want to be utterly lost in a whimsical story, this is the perfect book to pick up and dive into. 

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