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Mistborn Series

Book 1 – Mistborn: The Final Empire

Book 2 -The Well of Ascension

Book3 – The Hero of Ages

As I have said in past reviews, Brandon Sanderson has a way of immediately grabbing the reader’s attention and making the characters feel like family as you read through the storylines. The Mistborn Series did exactly that. After reading The Stormlight Archive before this, I expected a good story when starting The Mistborn series. But what I didn’t expect was being completely engulfed in the adventures of Vin and Elend Venture, and their closest allies, in the war against the end of the world. Along with epic battles and religious undertones, in typical Sanderson style, this fantasy storyline dives deep into a world filled with species and cultures never heard of in any books I’ve read by other authors. Sanderson also tends to stray away from the romantic parts of the character’s lives and instead keeps to the meat of the story without straying off into tangents. Which is much appreciated in a reader like myself. Without spoiling it all, I really recommend this book to readers who enjoy a unique fantasy that doesn’t need dragons and trolls to keep you enthralled. In fact, Sanderson’s creatures are of a different caliber all together. You must read it to understand. 

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