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Children of Ruin & Children of Memory

Children of Ruin (Book 2 of Children of Time series) by Adrian Tchaikovsky

This series is like no other sci-fi series that I have ever read. It is weird and new and that is the reason I continued to read the other 2 books after getting through the first. Children of Ruin (book 2) introduced alien species that I never thought would be in a science fiction storyline. Tchaikovsky is good at keeping you in suspense all the way to the end the book and the element of surprise was definitely present throughout all 3 books. Children of Memory (Book 3) is also a very new concept with a bit of controlled confusion throughout the entire story. By the end of the book 3 the author comes around to explain everything and puts it all into perspective, along with revealing a jaw dropping mind bending plot to finish it out. There really isn’t much more to say without spoiling the story. But if you are into out-of-the-box sci-fi storylines, then this series is definitely for you!

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