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Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond

Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond by Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler is a cool guy; waaay cooler than The Fonz, the character he created for sitcom TV some 50 years ago.  In Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond, Winkler opens his heart to chronicle an unhappy childhood, to struggles at the Yale School of Drama, through early auditions, fame and fortune, to reinventing himself after stardom, to now.  In his senior years Henry Winkler is a beloved and recognized actor, producer, comedian, director, and author—AND he’s accomplished all of this while dealing with dyslexia, the learning disorder that affects reading and writing (and a disability that was rarely understood in Winkler’s youth). This is not a Hollywood rags to riches story; it’s a sweet, funny, self-deprecating autobiography about resilience, persistence, and determination; all attributes that make Henry Winkler very, very cool.

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