There are a few restrictions on the number of items you can borrow, but usually you may borrow as many books as you like.


  • DVDs – 10 total
  • Video games – 1 per adult card or teen card
  • Music CDs – 6
  • Audiobooks – 10


  • DVDs – 10 children’s titles
  • Music CDs – 6
  • VHS – 10

All DVDs cost 25¢ plus tax to borrow. Loan times range between 2 days and 2 weeks. We also provide BONUS copies of new release DVDs and Best-selling books to rent for $1 each.

How Long Do Materials Circulate?

  • All adult books check out for 3 weeks except for “New” Items/Bonus Books for which are 2 weeks.
  • All adult audio books on CD or Cassette check out for 3 week except for “New” Items are 2 weeks.
  • Video games check out for 7 days and can be renewed one time. Only one video game per adult or teen account.
  • All juvenile and Young Adult books, including new juvenile Books check out for 3 weeks.
  • All juvenile and Young Adult Books on CD or cassette check out for 3 weeks.
  • Children’s DVDs are 2 day for new and 7 day for older.
  • All DVD nonfiction checks out for 2 weeks.

Overdue fines:

Overdue fines are 25¢ per day for adults and teens. DVD and Video overdue fines are $2 per day per movie. The limit per library card for checking out materials is $5. Card privileges are suspended until payment is received.

Don’t forget that you have access to your library account and when items are due with the My Account link on every page.