Book Cover of Two-Week Wait: An I.V.F. Story by Luke C. Jackson, Kelly Jackson, and Mara Wild

I recommend this graphic novel to everyone undergoing I.V.F. (In-Vitro Fertilization). The artwork is beautiful and while the facial structures are simplified, the illustrated characters still manage to express big complex emotions. The storyline provides readers with insight into the medical process of I.V.F. but also provides a window into the emotional challenges faced by couples experiencing infertility. It mirrored many of the same emotional struggles my husband and I have faced on our own I.V.F. journey. There were moments when I laughed and moments when I cried, but the biggest take away for me was that it alleviated the heavy feeling of isolation and loneliness. For a moment in time, I felt less alone because I knew that there was another couple out there in the world experiencing many of the same ups and downs. While the medical details of our stories may differ, the core experience is very much the same. My favorite aspect of this graphic novel is how it allows you to view the perspective of both partners and how they support one another along the way. I also want to state that this graphic novel was written by Luke and Kelly Jackson who began their own I.V.F. experience in 2011 and are now the proud parents of two daughters. The illustrator, Mara Wild, met the couple while she was a student. Together, the three have created a perfect glimpse into the imperfect. Everything will work out in the end. If it isn’t alright yet, you aren’t at the end yet.