I am obsessed with minimalism right now and one of my favorite bloggers and authors, Joshua Becker, has been recommending Cait Flanders’ book as inspiration for those who want to get started in a minimalism journey.

The story is common – Cait had nearly $30,000 of credit card debit and wanted to save money and get out of debt. What she realized was that her retail therapy addiction was fueled by depression and alcoholism, so she came up with a plan to not spend anything extra in a year other than what was on her “approved” list.

For 12 months, Cait only bought consumables such as groceries, toiletries and gas, and documents how successful she believes this project will be. Obviously, it’s a success and she learned a lot, but for those who are looking for a “how to,” this book is not it.

This is a personal story of Cait and her vices and how she overcame them, and the actual “how” could have been a blog post. This book is geared toward 20-somethings who are figuring out what drives them to spend and drink.