I am in a books-by-mail club with a few friends in which we share books we enjoy. I received this gift in the mail a few weeks ago from a friend who read it while on maternity leave. I was glad she sent it along because it was such a fun book, especially for fans of “The Big Bang Theory.”

The book focuses on OCD-ish genetics professor Don Tillman, who decides it’s time to get married. So he begins the “Wife Project,” a science-based questionnaire that he hopes will find him a suitable spouse. His dates don’t go so well until he meets Rosie Jarman, a young woman who doesn’t fit Don’s criteria, but wants Don’s help in finding her biological father.

Rosie completely disregards Don’s schedule, but he finds he somewhat enjoys the slight interruptions. Don and Rosie work together to secretly gather the DNA from potential fathers to uncover the truth. But along the way, Don realizes that Rosie’s influence on him has been good, and he might just be in love. This is a sweet story and I’m glad there’s a sequel!