Quiet Room

This Service is Not Currently Available

The library has a Quiet Room and lending library of special toys and books to assist children and families of all abilities.

The first-floor Quiet Room is full of calming lights, weighted blankets, cozy seats and soothing sounds. The Quiet Room is a place to go for:

  • A child who needs a break, a moment alone with a parent
  • A time out to regroup
  • A quiet, calm, non-threatening spot
The Special Learner Toy and Book kits available for checkout in the children’s area were selected based on their ability to engage in sensory play and developmental learning.

Toys were selected based on their ability to engage the following skills:

  • Fine Motor Coordination
  • Gross Motor Coordination
  • Dramatic Play and Language
  • Sensory Adaptation
  • Switch-Enabled Play
  • Special Needs Adaptive Products

A maximum of two kits can be checked out at a time for one week. Late fees apply.