If you remember the real-life story of Baby Jessica, who was trapped in a well in 1987, then this fictional story will seem somewhat familiar. In Megan Miranda’s latest book, everyone knows the story about little 6-year-old Arden Maynor, who was swept away while sleepwalking during a terrible rainstorm and went missing – only to be found alive three days later, clinging to a storm drain. But now it’s the 20th anniversary of the event, and the media wants to know – where is Arden? The stress causes Arden, who now goes by Olivia, to start sleepwalking again. She awakes in the woods behind her home covered in blood, staring at a body she knew from her previous life. Olivia doesn’t know what happened while she was sleepwalking, and the detectives are starting to put together the pieces of who Olivia really is. This is a quick-paced fun novel with the added plot twists of a second murder and a new stalker.