The three books in the Hidden Iceland series by Ragnar Jonasson follow detective Hulda Hermansdottir backwards through her career. In this first installment, Hulda is on the eve of her retirement, and has asked for time to close a cold case of a dead Russian immigrant woman. Hulda is a good detective, but missteps in her investigation cause trouble for her colleagues, and for Hulda herself. In The Island, it is 10 years before the events in the The Darkness, and Hulda is working on the case of a murder committed on a remote island during a reunion of school friends. In The Mist, it is 10 years earlier. The disappearance of a young woman and a mass murder in a remote village in winter are intertwined. Hulda’s own tragic story is revealed, from her difficult childhood with a remote unmarried mother, to her husband’s and daughter’s untimely deaths, to her search for her father. Add the element of the strange and forbidding Icelandic landscape, and it makes for a compelling mystery series.