So You Want to Be A Wizard is a fantastic start to a series that I will always declare to be one of my favorites. Decidedly urban fantasy, it follows Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez as they discover that magic is indeed real, and it may very well be involved with the fate of the world, or even the universe. And of course, becoming wizards.

The first book in the Young Wizards series really knows how to feed into a real feeling environment. There’s teenage bullying, dealing with things you don’t quite understand, and feeling perhaps, a bit helpless when things get serious. It takes different bits of folklore and story telling (like how kids wonder what really causes the steam rising out of a sidewalk grate), and piles on top of it, giving a sense of delightful depth to it all. It also gives a few small lessons dotted throughout, like how to deal with those that bully you, or showing sympathy and kindness, even when it seems hard to do so.¬†

I’d recommend this book to pretty much anyone. Its a fine read for young readers, teens, and adults, and as a bonus, if you’re put off by the fact that the series started in 1983 (and with 1983 level tech), there are updated versions available digitally that make it a more modern feeling that may help younger readers settle into the environment a bit better.