Do we really still need libraries? That is often a question asked of the people who work at the library.
But you should ask the more than 500 people who walk through the doors of the James V. Brown Library each day, the job seeker with no internet access at home, the mother of the toddler at storytime, or the knowledge-seeking student.
So this year, the library asked the community to tell us how it transforms their lives. The library received hundreds of responses but the theme was always the same: the library makes a difference. Here are some of the community’s responses:

  • Since childhood, the Library has been a peaceful respite and a source of new beginnings. Andrea, 34
  • Librarians help Grammies pick the right book. Shirley, 65
  • They educate you. Dante, 10
  • My children enjoy the Library’s various programs and space a lot. Eunsong, 40
  • My house is too small to hold all the books I love. Kirsten, 31
  • Accessible technology means accessible jobs. Josh, 26
  • There is nothing to watch on TV and I do not have a computer. Cindy, 60
  • Libraries are valuable to me because they give me a place where I can think to myself. Dashirah, 17
  • Books can take you on an adventure. Artemis, 7

The James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., has made “the place to go to learn, connect and grow” its mission and it is the place where more than 500 passionate learners and information explorers come through our doors each day.

The library relies on community support to help provide access to knowledge, books, computers and educational programs to all members of society. With the generosity of people like you, the library can continue to champion the love of reading, open the door to lifelong learning, and provide a haven for those who seek.

The library is beginning its annual campaign, where it asks the community to help us continue to grow and support education. Please consider making a donation in person or online at

“Every dollar raised is important because it serves as a catalyst for change in our community,” said Barbara McGary, executive director of the library. “When you support libraries and library services, you are supporting more than a place with books and technology. What you are really supporting are ideas and relationships.”

Your gift will purchase the books and online resources our community depends on, will ensure that children have the opportunity to come to storytimes and learn to love reading long before they go to school, provide computers for teens to use for homework and research, and make information accessible to all. You can make a gift at

The James V. Brown Library is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday; noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday; and 24/7 at

Yes, we do need libraries! Give here!