This was a fun, fast read. It opens in 1999, when a woman arrives in Philadelphia with no memory of who she is and where she came from. After bouncing from hospital to shelter to the streets, the woman, nicknamed “Wendy Doe,” finally is placed into the care of the Meadowlark Institute for Memory Research. There, the founder, Dr. Benjamin Strauss, can observe her and try to see what caused her memory loss and if it can be repaired. The book is told over a 20-year timespan from the narratives of 4 women: Lizzie, Wendy, Elizabeth and Alice. The twists that explain how their lives are interconnected is very satisfying. This would be a great book club pick, as there is a lot to discuss – themes of memory, who we are, men in power, and traumatic events. Who are we if we don’t know who we are?