I’m a huge fan of the “Miss Peregrine” series so I was excited for the fourth installment in which the Peculiar children and Miss Peregrine join Jacob in his Florida hometown. While Miss Peculiar would like Jacob to give the children “normal” lessons, he has different plans. After discovering clues about his late grandfather Abe’s secret life, Jacob and some of the Peculiars go on a dangerous mission to save others like him.

There are color photographs in this book – equally creepy and haunting – that guide Jacob and his crew along their adventure. All is not what it seems in America, and not all Peculiars are safe to be trusted. Jacob and his friends get in over their heads but luckily, Miss Peregrine and her wards are there to help them out. A spectacular fourth story in this series full of suspense, time travel and intergenerational friendship.