Libraries are part of a delicate ecosystem that support the transformation of communities and lives through education and lifelong learning. From the cradle to the grave, libraries provide invaluable resources that serve as a lifeline for billions of users for access to technology, early and digital literacy instruction, job-seeking resources, social services and small business tools.

During National Library Week, the American Library Association launched Take Action for Libraries Day, a national library advocacy effort observed for the first time on April 13.

But advocacy for public libraries isn’t just limited to one day – it can take place all year long. The Lycoming County Library System just began a six-month advocacy campaign to highlight funding support for the six county libraries: James V. Brown; Dr. W.B. Konkle Memorial, Montoursville; Montgomery; Jersey Shore; Muncy and Hughesville Area.

To show your support, please contact the Lycoming County Commissioners to make your voice heard. The message can be simple: “Thank you for supporting public libraries in Lycoming County. I am a citizen and want my county tax dollars to go in support of public libraries and the Lycoming County Library System needs an increase in 2019.” You can write, call or email the county commissioners to show your support. Information is available at any circulation desk at the James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., or online at

The Lycoming County Library System is part of a national “Libraries Transform” effort to increase awareness of the changing role of libraries and the ways in which libraries are transforming to meet the information needs of their users.

Libraries play an invaluable role within their communities and county funding plays a significant part in supporting library programs and services. Libraries contribute to education, employment, entrepreneurship, engagement and empowerment but are often overlooked as catalysts for powerful individual and community change.