I first learned about Glennon from her Momastery blog at http://momastery.com/blog/ and Instagram account. She writes bravely and honestly about love, parenting and the other struggles many of us face. I read books by her fellow “PerSisters” from the Compassion Collective – Brene Brown, Cheryl Strayed and Elizabeth Gilbert – and decided that if Glennon was good enough for Oprah to name it as an Oprah Book Club selection, then it was good enough for me! This memoir details Glennon’s struggles with her now ex-husband’s infidelity, her pain from a reckless youth of too much alcohol, drugs and bad sex, and how she rose above it all to become the warrior she was meant to be for herself, and for her family. This is a great book for women struggling to have it all, and those who don’t want to settle for just a “good enough” life.