It’s back-to-school time and many high school students have to start preparing for the upcoming Official SAT and ACT Tests. What can you do to get ready for these challenging tests? The James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., can help. Patrons who have a library card have free access to Learning Express, an online resource with educational materials for students of all ages.

Learning Express includes full-length practice tests for each subject of the SAT test and complete practice tests for the ACT Writing Test Essay in the College Preparation Center.

Learning Express isn’t just for high school students, though. The Career Center also has practice tests for nursing school entrance, along with Praxis tests for teachers. Practice tests for Firefighers and Correction Officers are available, along with an interactive online series of HiSET practice tests and refresher tutorial courses to enable users to succeed on the GED.

Under Job & Career Accelerator there help in the Guidance tab for finding scholarships and schools. Students can find their ideal list of schools based on a search of more than 3,600 institutions, using criteria such as location, type of school, selectivity, majors, cost, enrollment and more.

A Resume Builder walks participants through the steps to generate a resume, and the Letter Builder teaches users how to craft professional messages. A Job Applications Tutorial helps adults learn tips for completing job applications correctly and provides strategies for highlighting your skills and achievements.

Learning Express is just one tool at the library to help you achieve your educational and career goals. Visit to get started today.

The Brown Library is part of a national “Libraries Transform” effort to increase awareness of the changing role of libraries and the ways in which libraries are transforming to meet the information needs of their users.

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