The James V. Brown Library has joined forces with the American Library Association to participate in the Libraries Transform campaign.

Libraries Transform is a public awareness and advocacy campaign that speaks to what today’s libraries and librarians do for and with people, rather than simply what they have. The goal of the campaign is to help libraries and librarians speak with a unified voice about the value of today’s libraries.

“The Brown Library is more than a quiet place to study and check out books,” said Robin Glossner, library development director. “Whether it is Internet access for job applications or training, or science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) programs to engage the next generation, our library is a modern community center that provides for the needs of every member of our community. It is a place where lives are transformed every day.”

To date more than 2,700 public, school, academic and special libraries all across the country and around the world have joined the campaign.

Libraries Transform provides libraries with clear messaging through the use of it toolkit and thought provoking “because” statements. Statements include:

  • “Because not everything on the Internet is true,”
  • “Because txt r fine, but srsly, ppl also need 2 c real sentences,” and
  • “Because students can’t afford scholarly journals on a ramen noodle budget.”


Library users will notice that some of the library’s programs have been branded with the Transform message, such the Color Transformations adult coloring club and Transform It – DIY adult crafting club. Social and life-enriching educational programming for all ages can be found at

Starting in February, those who visit the library or take part in library programs are invited to share their “because” statements about how the library has helped transform their lives.

Libraries contribute to education, employment, entrepreneurship, engagement and empowerment but are often overlooked as catalysts for powerful individual and community change. Libraries are community centers of information, technology and learning that will fuel educational and economic opportunity for all of our citizens.

To learn more about Libraries Transform, visit

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