This is possibly the most mixed bag of the Harry Potter series for me. I love the interactions with the new potion’s teacher, Horace Slughorn, as well as the reveal, and hunt for Lord Voldemort’s Horucruxes. Its energetic, fascinating, and overall I love those moments in the story. It involves great bits of inter-character conflict and interaction, as well as inner conflict of doing what you’re told, and what you desperately wish to do, and how the two will in many cases conflict with one another.

However, my issue with this book arises in that no one trusts Harry’s statement about how Draco Malfoy has a secret mission assigned to him. At this point those closest to Potter are aware that Voldemort has returned. They are aware of what their number is capable of, and yet no one seems to take him seriously until it is far too late. It would make sense, if it was just Dumbledore writing it off, with his machinations, but it appears everyone thinks its far fetched.

Regardless of that, I will say this is one of my favorites in the series. A lot of plot points are introduced that steer us to the final conclusion, and without spoiling anything, it reinforces the fact that this is indeed a serious situation and time, and no one is immune from death.