Anne Stuart has long been one of my guilty pleasures authors. She writes romantic suspense, with a darker edge than most. Sometimes it’s historical, sometimes paranormal, but most often she chooses a thriller in a contemporary setting. I think one of the things that I like most about her books are that her heroines are flawed. They do the wrong thing for the right reason and suffer the consequences. They tend not to be the stereotypical strong female character. Don’t get me wrong, they are tough, but they are normal women who need help in extraordinary circumstances. 

Fire and Ice takes place in Japan with a snarky, disreputable hero with yakuza ties, tattoos and a bad attitude. There are dead bodies, mayhem and sarcasm. Fair warning, this author doesn’t always follow your typically happy ever after endings… I got to revisit this old favorite via audiobook from Hoopla, but we have it available in print and ebook form as well.