Instead of one more lengthy treatise explaining how ****ed we are and how close we are to the brink of extinction, Hawken introduces us to a comprehensive plan to utilize data backed and science-based solutions to global warming. It’s not just fossil fuel reduction. It’s the acceptance that our bloated carbon footprint is a lifestyle decision.

Hawken warns of seeing ourselves as “victims” of an unkind biosphere – victimization is based on blame, it’s infantilizing and allows us to relinquish our responsibility. We’ve made this bed.

Hawken offers a proposal on how human capital can solve it. Instead of merely reducing our carbon footprint, Hawken wants to remove our dependence on fossil fuels entirely. The draw down is not focused on getting us to reduced energy usage; but rather levels where we reverse the current damage to the climate.

If there is one thing that sums up why political conservatives are averse to accepting global warming as a problem in need of human solutions, it’s the reality that we aren’t the leader in reversing global warming. We’ve never been the lead dog. And instead of competing to be the best, as we did in the space-race, and all the technology and scientific knowledge gained in that endeavor – enriching us and solidifying our position as technological world leader. We’ve gone the route of sour grapes, due to the lack of leadership roles earned. We pretend the race isn’t worth racing. This book shows how industry and business, not government, can lead us forward.