Book Cover of Credible: Why We Doubt Accusers and Protect Abusers by Deborah Tuerkheimer

I would like to begin this review with a trigger warning disclaimer. There are real accounts of sexual harassment, assault, and rape repeated throughout this text. By retelling victims’ stories, Tuerkheimer, points out a variety of ways in which victims are discredited, doubted, shamed and re-victimized after coming forward with an allegation of sexual abuse. She explains ways in which the system fails victims as well as ways in which loved ones fail victims. Beyond that, she questions what causes people to doubt accusers and why we as a society seem to hold victims more accountable than abusers. To conclude, she offers suggestions for change at interpersonal and systemic levels. Stating that I “enjoyed” this read would be a lie, but the information contained in the text is valuable. I recommend putting our own discomfort aside for a moment so that we can each better support those who have experienced a violation of this nature.