This book has been called an African Game of Thrones, and although I have not read or watched that series, I would definitely put this book in the dark fantasy or grimdark genre. There is an obvious Tolkien world-building influence though.

There are a lot of characters in this 600-plus page book, and James does a great job creating a compelling and visual world. His writing style is complicated, whimsical and surprisingly beautiful once you get past the sexual assaults.

This book has a lot of rape, genital mutilation, bestiality and violence against women and children, so it is a struggle to read at times – it’s almost as if James is trying to desensitize you to all the terrible atrocities that have happened to Africans. 

The main character, “Tracker,” is a hunter who is looking for a boy, not just to make money by finding him, but to save the boy, because he wants to save as many children as he can. Tracker has a superhuman skill – once he latches on to someone’s scent, he can track them from anywhere. Along the way, Tracker enlists the help of an unusual crew – this part was very similar to Guardians of the Galaxy.