Book Cover of Before I Saw You by Emily Houghton

After surviving horrible accidents, Alfie and Alice both find themselves residents of St. Francis’s long-term patient ward. Alfie, a recovering amputee, is delighted to have a new neighbor, even one as quiet as Alice. While she appreciates his chin-up attitude with the rest of the ward, she’s not so sure she wants his optimism directed toward her. After all, who would want to be friends with someone as burned as she is? Even as she refuses to open her cubicle curtain to anyone but the nurses, Alfie eventually gets her to thaw, breaking down the emotional shields she’s so carefully constructed through the years. Battling their own demons, the pair find comfort in each other. And with the reality of discharge looming, Alice and Alfie are faced with a startling conundrum. Can a relationship like theirs bloom into something more? Could you really fall in love with someone you’ve never actually seen? This is one of the best books I’ve read in a while! Moving and sweet, it sheds light on what it really means to fall in love.