Backman has a unique way of capturing the everyday and unusual personality quirks in people and this book is no exception. The book opens with an attempted bank robbery the day before New Year’s Eve in Sweden. When the bank robber realizes that it’s a cashless bank and the police are closing in, the robber flees to a nearby apartment building and accidentally crashes an open house. So now the bank robber has several hostages inside an apartment building. But the bank robbery and hostage situation are not the focus of the story. The characters are zany, quirky and unlikeable in the beginning. But by the end – when you figure out how they all bond – you will find reasons to like something in all of them. Everyone has anxieties, hence the title, and those anxieties are what makes them human. What I really took away from this book was how a little kindness and compassion for others in a tense situation – which is really applicable to life right now – can help us all get through life, because being human is “idiotically difficult,” as Backman writes. Backman has a way of describing the little moments in life that are so telling to who we are as people.