Set in an Amish community in Minnesota, everything from the width of the band on your hat to the foods you eat is decided by the Ordnung. Isaac and David, two young Amish men, risk losing everything for their love.

Far from being an idealized vision of Amish life, but not particularly negative, it does slant toward why people leave the community if they don’t fit. Clearly depicting what it is to be shunned and treated like you do not exist. Highlights how confusing growing up can be, especially when living under strict religious rules. Above all, this is a romance, and therefore has romantic, tricky moments and love, as well as some explicit scenes.  

“The Forbidden Rumspringa” is part of a series, but doesn’t leave you hanging as far as the romance goes. The second and third books, “A Clean Break” and “A Way Home,” are quite good as well.