The final piece of the triology really pulls the whole story together. Which is what a good third part of a trilogy is suposed to do of course. Its all building to the final conflict, and follows those who remain of the Fellowship as they all try their best to be ready for the dark days ahead.

Many pages focus around Minas Tirith, the great city on the edge of Mordor. It shows the conflict, both on a war strewn battlefield, as well as the more personal fights within the walls as mad leaders show their true colors, and tensions run high. 

Bouncing between views, it all leads up to the destruction of the ring of power, and the final defeat of Sauron. Spoilers. But unlike the movie, the return home is marred by them returning to the Shire to find that Saruman, even lacking his power, had taken over their home with the likes of Men.

As much as I love the triology, both in book and film form, I must say that to this day, the first book is by far my favorite. There is no true light heartedness to the series, as its an intense quest of good versus evil of course, but ultimately, it is the one that captured my imagination the most. All are worth reading, or watching if you ask me, but even at the end, there is a touch of melancholy that reaches out to conclude  this well crafted story.