I love this book! The first in a series by Amy Stewart, Girl Waits with Gun is the story of Constance Kopp, who becomes one of the first woman deputies in the country.

In 1914 Paterson, New Jersey, Constance and her sisters, Norma and Fleurette, become the victims of a ruthless factory owner, Henry Kaufman, when the car he’s driving damages their horse-drawn buggy. Kaufman refuses to pay for repairs and threatens the lives of women if they insist on payment.

Constance has a strong sense of fairness, justice and the courage to fight Henry Kaufman and his gang of thugs as they violently harass the Kopp girls into submission. With the support of the local sheriff, Constance finds that she has a knack for investigating the criminal elements of society.

Stewart has done her research going as far as interviewing descendants of Fleurette Kopp and weaves a piece of history into an entertaining piece of literature.