My young daughters and I are OBSESSED with the Neflix series based on these popular middle-grade books. As a family we have started reading them together but separately so we can compare the books and the show.

This series chronicles the unfortunate lives of the Baudelaire children: Violet, 14; Klaus, 12; and the infant, Sunny. In the first book, Bad Beginning, the children learn that their parents have died in a fire and they must live with a local relative, Count Olaf.

Count Olaf doesn’t really want anything to do with the children besides their fortune, and concocts a creative way to get his hands on their inheritance. Luckily, these kids are resourceful and able to outwit the evil villain. But that means they need a new place to live, and they are taken to live with Uncle Montgomery Montgomery, a herpetologist that is featured in “The Reptile Room.” Unfortunately, Uncle Monty is killed by Count Olaf, and the kids are put into the care of yet another distant relative.

These books are amazing for introducing humor, sarcasm, dramatic irony, new vocabulary and literary terms while making the reader the smartest person in the room. My daughters and I love these books.