Memory Keeper VHS to DVD Conversions 

Save your VHS memories to DVDs for long lasting durability

Everyone has at least one old family VHS tape, whether it is of Christmas in 1989 or of your wedding or special family outing. Chances are it’s sitting in a box gathering dust and like physical photos, old VHS tapes significantly degrade in playback quality in just a few short years. VHS tapes can start falling apart in as little as 5 years, while DVDs last much longer.

The Brown Library can convert your VHS tape, up to 120 minutes, for only $10. This is half the cost that most online services charge. And with most other services you have to mail your valuable videos to another state and pay shipping and handling charges.

With the Brown Library Memory Keeper Video Conversion Service everything is done locally. Your videos never leave your local Library.
All monies raised with this service helps to support the library budget. Help the library and protect your valuable one-a-kind videos at the same time.

Only $10 per VHS tape

(up to 120 minutes)

Bring in your VHS memories with you on your next visit to the Library and request this service at the main Circulation desk.

Print this form fill in your details and bring it with you for convenient fast drop-off service with no waiting.