Kenneth CooperThe James V. Brown Library Life Members
Appointed by the Will of
James V. Brown and Successors

Dr. Kenneth L. Cooper's 35 Years of Service
February 4, 1976 – March 23, 2011

Appointed by City Council as a Trustee to the James V. Brown Library's Board of Trustees February 4, 1976 replacing the Honorable C. F. Greevy.

Served as President of Board of Trustees:

• 1985-1986

• 1991-1999 (During this time the library experienced significant growth in services and facility. During Dr. Cooper's presidential tenure the library added its Family Place Program, its SeniorNet Learning Center and put two additional bookmobiles into service.)

Served as Treasurer of Board of Trustees:
• 2006-2009

Served as a member of the Lycoming County Library System Board

• 1985-1987
• 1991-1999

Through Dr. Cooper's leadership and advocacy financial support grew from the county, the state and the community.

  • In 1991 he co-chaired with Chuck Luppert a capital campaign that made the facility handicapped accessible and added a fourth floor to the building. It raised over $1.5 million for the community.

  • The library secured grants to automate its catalog and circulations systems as an early adapter of new technology during his tenure as board president.

  • Dr. Cooper was recognized for his contributions by the state organization Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries in October 1996 when he was selected as the "Trustee of the Year" by the group.

  • In 2008 he became the library's first "Library Legend" when he was given this award at the annual gala.

When he joined a group of children to break ground for the new Children's Wing in October 2007 he realized a dream he had had for years – not for the Board, not for the library but for the community's children. This dream was one he worked tirelessly to achieve