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starThe Reach for the Stars collection!
Childcare providers searching for excellence and students will find this special collection for early childhood educators of books written for teachers by teachers helpful. The collection includes essential resources such as recommended daily curriculums for early childhood, ideas and activities for transition times, storytimes plans, The Best of Mailbox magazine plus books and ideas for creative programming using rhymes, songs, poems, finger plays, charts and teaching with puppets. These resources will help you design your space to create an early learning environment and build your early learning program.

The following additional resources are available for loan:

starDiscovery Packs!
Discovery Packs are collections of programming materials in a bag sharing a common theme, designed for a preschool audience. Included in each pack are several books, and other items such as DVDs or videos, CDs, as well as manipulative items like puzzles or toys. The materials can be used in a home, home daycare, or daycare center, to help preschoolers enjoy and learn about important concepts.

starBrain Boxes!
The Brain Box is a unique educational product for caregivers to use with children from birth to 5½ years old. Each box contains activity guides and all the materials needed for the adult-child interaction that encourages brain development. Brain Boxes are available for infants, babies, toddlers and preschool children.

starEarly Literacy Activity Boxes!
Our Early Literacy Activity Boxes contain books, ideas and activities you can use in your classroom to promote the six essential literacy skills children need by the time they enter kindergarten: print motivation, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, vocabulary, print awareness and narrative skills.

starBig Books!
Share reading is an important element to any early literacy curriculum. With the use of Big Books, preschool children can learn many early reading skills like concepts about print, letter sounds, and rhyming. Our Big Book collection is full of fiction AND non-fiction Big Books for you to use in your early childhood classroom.

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