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Every Child Ready to Read

young child readingThere are six pre-reading skills that children must know in order to learn to read. You can help your child learn these skills by attending the library's Every Child Ready to Read program for parents, grandparents, home-school teachers, preschool teachers, childcare providers and professionals. You will learn:

• What are these six skills and how do you develop the skills in your child.
• What books are best for what ages.
• How you can help your child learn to sound out words without using a book.
• Why rhymes are important.
• Why you should read together even when you & your child aren't in the mood. (The answer may surprise you!)

The free two-hour workshops will resume in 2011. Parents and caregivers can attend workshops fro Early Talkers (newborn-2), Talkers (2-3) and Pre-Readers (4-5). Free book for participants. Check the Library Events Calendar for open dates and times. Registration is required. Send an e-mail to if you have questions about the workshops.

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