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Parents Place
On the main floor of the Welch Wing parents will find a special collection of hundreds of books and videos on all aspects of parenting.
Parenting books

Among the books for adults are children’s books parents can use to start conversations about common childhood concerns and challenges like teasing, fear, shyness, the loss of a grandparent or a pet, going to the hospital, new siblings and developmental differences.  Comfortable seating and a children’s activity center creates a relaxing atmosphere with a collection of materials conveniently grouped for ease of access.

PA Promise for Children - Guiding Parents Smoothly

Guiding Parents Smoothly will help guide parent's and caregivers through what they need to know and can do to help their child grow. It’s great for anyone who has a young child in their life- grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors. Watch the introductory video below.

The 10-question quiz helps them make good choices that can affect their child’s brain and development. When they answer a question, they receive simple tips and links to other resources. All of the information is from reliable resources like the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning. You can start wherever they like and come back as often as the want. There is even a short worksheet that highlights the tips where they can jot down what they want to do with what they have learned. Learn more here.

Helpful Links
Finding a child care

Finding a home daycare
Information from childcare centers vs. providing helpful and friend resource for parents in search of safe and reliable childcare services

Choosing childcare information or finding quality childcare including checklists, tips and publications.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

PBS Parents

Rich website from the Public Broadcasting System on child development, education, issues and communication strategies.

Child Family Web Guides

from Tufts University providing links to hundreds of evaluated websites covering all ages from early child development to adolescence.

Finding great schools
School Digger

How is my school doing?
Providing parents with information and tools to close schools, search and comparison tool for parents. Parents and community members can learn more about their —

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