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Imagine a library that stimulates learning among all age groups, a destination spot that provokes excitement and a place where learning can be fun. This innovative approach to library design, challenges patron expectations and brings learning to life!

The three-story building welcomes visitors of all age groups and offers dozens of opportunities for children and their families to learn, explore and grow together.

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Larson Design Group PigPA College of Technology PigADS Pig

Three charming and no so little pigs, in the atrium greet children and parents as they enter the Welch Wing where they will find a wonderful world of interactive learning.
The first floor of the facility was especially created to provide a magical atmosphere.  Complete with three-dimensional sculptures of animals breezing through the sky, The Children's Wing is organized to make it easy for families to locate age-appropriate material.  Child sized computers invite children to experience educational software programs that make learning fun.

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