Penny, the James V Brown Library Dog

When you enter James V. Brown Library in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, you might look behind the counter and spy a small group of children gathered around a very calm Greyhound named Penny. Some days you might find Penny attending a staff meeting or standing by the counter greeting patrons as they check out a book.

Penny is the James V Brown Library dog. She comes to work with her human Laura – the library’s customer service manager. Penny even has her own page on the library’s web site.

In the library Penny has participated in activities like the Mother Goose Fair where she played Old Mother Hubbard’s dog and the kids got to read to her. And yes, her human was dressed as (the not so old) Mother Hubbard. Her notoriety as the library dog has also garnered her opportunities to represent the library in functions outside the library such as the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life as the Grand Marshall and at the local Pet Expo where she helped to promote summer reading while meeting many dogs and their families.

Penny spent her early years growing up and racing on a track in Florida. When she was five she moved into her forever home in Pennsylvania. She adjusted well and has always been very calm and friendly. For several years she was a bookstore dog, but when her human got a library job, she decided that was the place for her, too. Luckily the library director felt the same way! This July (2012) Penny turned 12 years old. She is coppery brown and black – called brindle – while her paws, chest and the very tip of her tail are white. Much of the fur on her head (not unlike her human’s) has gone quite grey over the last few years.

At the library Penny likes to visit her special friend Sue who works in the administration office where she gets treats every day. Penny gets along well with Ruby the library bunny and Franklin the library tortoise too. She works at the adult circulation desk most often, but sometimes she takes her bed and her water bowl and heads to the children’s library. She just loves all those tiny little hands and they love to feel how soft and gentle she is. In the afternoon Penny can most often be found napping in her office after having some lunch.

Penny’s current favorite book is Say Hello to Zorro by Carter Goodrich. She loves to go for long walks and rides in the car. If it is hot out she likes to lie in front of the fan and eat doggie ice cream. Penny provides wonderful moments of calm and caring to both library staff and patrons. She is the first stop for many library visitors. Make Penny your first stop when you stop by the James V. Brown Library

Favorite Food – Pizza Crusts

Favorite Person – Sue Rider

About Penny:

  • Loves to smell EVERYONE and EVERYTHING
  • Dislikes thunder and marching bands
  • Loves to walk along the “Rails to Trails” bike path.

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