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Original Souvenir Program Cover

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Over sixty years ago, in 1947, the Mountain Beach Veteran’s Athletic Association in South Williamsport held a Gold Star Memorial Service at the First Presbyterian Church in Williamsport to commemorate the memories of those Lycoming County residents who died while serving their country in World War II.

Of the more than 9,000 Lycoming County residents who fought in the war, 341 who gave that last full measure of devotion…their lives… were saluted on that May 31st morning over six decades ago. Next of kin of the fallen soldiers were invited and given Gold Star ribbons to wear at the ceremony.

Producing the commemorative booklet was not easy.

“It was a colossal task to gather all the information for this printed program. Information was obtained from official government sources and from the relatives of the men and women involved. Day by day it was sorted and rechecked and filed in a special index.”

An even greater job was that of collecting all the photographs used in the program. By telephone and automobile, Mountain Beach veterans contacted families and in all but a few instances photos were obtained.

“A remarkable few are missing because in some instances the relatives were too heart-broken to have their loved ones pictures published.”

This monumental effort by the Mountain Beach Veterans was led by Harry McCoy, Charles Agostinelli, George Houtz, Roland Arp and Tucker Smith along with H. D. Hulsizer, James Keller, Gene Grambling, David and Robert Livingston, Philip Stine and T. H. Kinkade.

Few copies of the paper program exist today. To insure this piece of our history survives Charles Ormsbee of the library staff has used an original booklet loaned by Harry McCoy, President of the Association in 1947 to create a Virtual Memorial to the men and women who did not return from Germany, New Guinea, Italy, Japan, North Africa, France, China, Iwo Jima, Okinawa or those who fell from the sky or vanished into the sea.

This “translation” creates a permanent online monument that allows relatives, friends and co-workers to search the site by name. The site is interactive to allow friends and family to add comments about the heroes and heroines who never experienced their grateful nation’s thanks but earned it above all others.

Please visit this Virtual Monument