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On Tuesdays, the Chess Club meets from 5 to 8 PM in the Teen/Tween and Career Café Area on the 2nd floor of the Welch Wing at the James V. Brown Library.

No registration is required.

Opened to anyone interested in chess regardless of skill or age.

Visit the Williamsport Chess Club web site.

The Williamsport Chess Club features two outstanding facilitators:

Jim Cunningham:  Founding member and past president of the Williamsport Chess Club; Awarded 2012 PA State Amateur, 1st Place in the UI600 Class

Solomon Francis:  Founding member and current president of the Williamsport Chess Club; Titled National Master from the United States Chess Federation.



Mango Languages is an easy to use online learning system teaching practical conversation skills for a wide variety of popular languages.

With everyday dialog from native speakers, engaging interactive lessons, and a unique intuitive teaching style, Mango increases your ability to use, adapt and build on what you learn.

Learn a language with . . .Mango Languages  Start Here

  • Over 50 foreign language courses
  • More than 15 English courses offered in the user’s native language
  • Learn anywhere you have internet access
  • Free apps for smart phone and tablets

In no time at all, you’ll be able to navigate all sorts of everyday situations — get directions, order a meal, make new friends — the possibilities are endless!

Login to Mango Languages using (your library card number). Try Mango Languages today.

mango-mobileMango Goes Wherever Life Takes You

Mango Mobile Library Edition is a powerful language learning platform that delivers fast, easy and effective language learning wherever your travels take you. With the free iPhone and Android™ apps from Mango, you can access the same awesome courses available through your library when you’re on the go.

Simply touch the screen to reveal answers and to hear pronunciations by native speakers. You’ll learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture in each lesson through Mango.

Need the perfect gift for your family this holiday season?

Save your VHS memories to DVDs for long lasting durability.

Everyone has at least one old family VHS tape, whether it is of Christmas in 1989 or of your wedding or special family outing. Chances are it’s sitting in a box gathering dust and like physical photos, old VHS tapes significantly degrade in playback quality in just a few short years. VHS tapes can start falling apart in as little as 5 years, while DVDs last much longer.

The James V. Brown Library staff will convert your VHS tape, up to 120 minutes, for only $10. This is half the cost that most online services charge. And with most other services you have to mail your valuable videos to another state and pay shipping and handling charges.

With the Brown Library Memory Keeper Video Conversion Service everything is done locally. Your videos never leave your local Library.

All monies raised with this service helps to support the library budget. Help the library and protect your valuable one-of-a-kind videos at the same time.

Just $10 per VHS tape (up to 120 minutes).

Bring in your VHS memories with you on your next visit to the Library and request this service at the main Circulation desk.

Copyright notice: We will not convert tapes that contain copyrighted materials such as commercial movies.

he James V. Brown Library is a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center, the most authoritative source of information on private philanthropy in the United States. The Foundation Center helps grant seekers, grant makers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public better understand the field of philanthropy.

The resources at the Brown Library Foundation Center include the core collection of Foundation Center publications that include electronic databases and print materials.

The electronic databases include Foundation Directory Online Professional, Foundation Grants to Individuals Online, and Philanthropy In/Sight.

•    Foundation Directory Online is available at the library. This database, created and maintained by the Foundation Center, provides information on more than 96,000 grant makers who fund 501c3 organizations. Information on how to access and search this online resource is available at the library’s Information Services Desk.

•    Foundation Grants to Individuals Online is an online database of nearly 10,000 foundation and public charity programs that fund students, artists, researchers, and other individual grant seekers.  This database includes online training and tutorials such as Grant- seeking Basics for Individuals, and Guide to Funding Research.

You can search these databases by fields of interest, geographic focus and types of support available, so that grant seekers’ needs can be closely matched to grant makers’ funding interests.  Both of these databases may be accessed in the Library. Information about how to log in and use them is available at the Information Services desk.

Workshops and Training Online – The Foundation Center’s interactive online training courses are detailed guided courses that reinforce lessons with interactivity, assignments, and self-test. There are also free tutorials available to introduce you to the world of foundations, proposal writing, and more. All of this and more is available for free to anyone with internet access by going to Grant Space.

Foundation Center webinars or programs are held at the library or available online. Check the programs listing for upcoming programs.  You may contact the library at 326-0536.  The library is open M-F from 9am to 8pm, weekends from 12pm to 5pm.

Did you know the Outreach Services of the James V. Brown Library has four Links?  Links are satellite locations of the library. They bring library services to remote areas of Lycoming County where library service isn’t available.

Barbours Library Link

There is something for everyone at the Links.  Adults will find each location has a public internet workstation, a rotating audio book collection, more than 1,000 books including bestsellers and non-fiction, more than 1,000 DVDs and VHS including new releases and classics.

For children each Link has an “Early Learning Workstation”, a collection of juvenile DVDs, and more than 1,000 children’s books ranging from pictures books, easy readers, and chapter books.

The Library Links locations are:


  • Barbours Link
    located in the Plunkett’s Creek Township Building at 179 Dunwoody Road, Phone:  478-2081
    Hours are 6-8 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and 10-1 on Saturday.


  • Cogan House Link located in the Cogan House Township Building at 4609 Route 184 Hwy., Trout Run, Phone:  634-2048.
    Hours are 6-8 pm Tuesday and Thursday and 9-11am Saturday.


  • Pine Creek Area Link
    located in the McHenry Township Community Center on 145 Railroad St., Cammal, Phone: 753-3649.
    Hours are 6-8pm Tuesday and Thursday and 10am-1pm Saturday.


  • Unityville Link
    located in the Jordan Township Building at 4298 Route 42 Hwy., Unityville, Phone: 458-4740.
    Hours are 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Closed on Saturday.


In addition to the four Links there is the Lycoming County Mobile Library (Bookmobile). The Bookmobile contains a circulating collection of 5,313 inventoried items. These materials include adult and children’s books, DVDs, magazines, and audio books. Materials and library services are provided to 49 locations spread throughout Lycoming County, with regular stops at elementary schools, township buildings, fire halls, nursing facilities, and more.

Click the following to find information on the Links or to download the Bookmobile schedule  or see the County Library page for more information. Contact Kevin Renehan, Outreach Services Manager, at 326-0536.

Did you know you can search historical archives online through the Lycoming County Library System’s eBranch?  All you need is the Internet. Access the historical achives  or go to the  “Look it up Now” section and click “Online Resources and Catalog” then click on “Historical Archives”.

You have access to:

  • Old Lycoming County photographs and images.
    Over two thousand (2,000) local historical photographs, drawings and images of old Lycoming County, PA can be found here. Images are shown in a small version for browsing or as a full size image for detail. Plus you can also search other digital archives collections from Pennsylvania. Easy and free 24/7 access to these rare photographs. Explore the early years of Lycoming County and surrounding areas.
  • Lycoming County Women’s History Collection
    Williamsport Women: Voices, Images, Actions 1875-1925. Source material related to the history of women in Lycoming County from Lycoming College, the Lycoming County Historical Society, and the J.V. Brown Library. Documents selected highlight the history of local women in volunteer and reform organizations, education, the arts, the workplace, and private lives. The first part of the collection will cover the time period 1875-1925.
  • Google News Archives
    Imagine the world’s daily history presented for the past 500 years in a single, freely accessible online resource. Google News Archives powerful search engine displays your results as a digital facsimile of the original newspaper pages. News archive search provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives. In addition to helping you search, News archive search can automatically create timelines which show selected results from relevant time periods. News Archives Search Help
  • Williamsport-Gazette and Bulletin
    Browse old issues of the Williamsport-Gazette and Bulletin from April 1, 1924 through September 10, 1955.

This Memorial Day, take a moment to honor our past Lycoming County residents who served their country.

Memorial Day – originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.  Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868, by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic and was first observed on May 30, 1868, when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

Seventy-Nine years later, the Mountain Beach Veteran’s Athletic Association in South Williamsport held a Gold Star Memorial Service at the First Presbyterian Church in Williamsport to commemorate the memories of the 341 Lycoming County residents who died while serving their country in World War II.

Gathering information for this printed program was not easy. Information was obtained from official government sources and from the relatives of the men and women involved.

Few copies of the paper program exist today. To ensure this piece of our history survives a Virtual Memorial to those men and women has been created on the James V. Brown Library’s website.

This permanent online monument allows relatives, friends and co-workers to search the site by name. The site is interactive to allow friends and family to add comments about the heroes and heroines who never experienced their grateful nation’s thanks.

Did you know 60 Lycoming County residents died as a result of the Korean War?  They were “hometown kids who stood tall in America’s uniform,” as observed by President Obama when he honored two army privates, a Maui soldier and one from New Jersey, killed in that war with posthumous Medals of Honor.

To make sure the sacrifices made by these men and their families are not forgotten the Korean War Veterans of Lycoming County, Inc., compiled a commemorative book detailing the military history of these men.

Researched and compiled by George P. Wolfe, the booklet is based on the work of volunteers Wilbur Emig, Robert Dauber, William Witmer and Fred Schaefer who searched the microfilmed newspapers at the James V. Brown Library for obituaries.

The library has scanned the complete contents of the 82-page book and is accessible for viewing on the library’s webpage.

Please take a moment and visit these virtual memorials at – go to site menu – information services – and click on “In Memory of Our Honored Dead – WW II Memorial” and “Lest We Forget – Korean War Memorial”.

Freedom is not free – it comes with a price.  These men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.  Let’s honor them by remembering their lives – this Memorial Day weekend.

Are you a DIY-er (Do It Yourself) when it comes to cars? Want to understand more about your vehicle before heading to the mechanic?

The new Auto Repair Reference Center interface provides for an increased amount of content with access to repair information for more than 37,000 vehicles. In-depth repair coverage—representing the most comprehensive collection of automobile repair reference information in the market—is provided for each vehicle.

The information in the Auto Repair Reference Center comes from Nichols Publishing, the former publisher of the Chilton auto repair manuals. It has nearly 857,000 drawings and step-by-step photographs, approximately 99,000 technical services bulletins and recalls, and over 158,600 wiring diagrams.

The first step in using the AARC is to choose the year of the vehicle (anything from a 1954 Volkswagen Beetle to a 2010 Subaru Forester), then work through the make, model, and engine specifications. Most vehicles have repair information, technical service bulletins, wiring diagrams, maintenance intervals, full specifications, an estimator for labor times and costs, and diagnostic information.

For example, say you wanted to find the capacity of the fuel tank for a 2000 Toyota Tacoma pickup with a V6 engine. Checking the Specifications area, then Capacities, the truck has a 18.1 gallon fuel tank. Good to know.

If you want a diagram of the horn for the same vehicle, click on Diagrams > Horns.  The diagram opens as an Adobe PDF document that you can print or save for later reference. Finally, you can find instructions for removing the tailgate under Repair Information > Body > Doors/Lids & Hood/Trunk. These instructions can also be printed, saved, or emailed.

Each screen has a couple of tabs at the top of the screen: Vehicle Search will take you back to the initial search screen for the vehicles. The AutoIQ tab has short video presentations about the different parts and system of a vehicle. The topics include fuel management, heating and air conditioning, and brakes.

The Care & Repair Tips section opens a new window with links for almost everything you need to know about caring or and repairing your vehicle, from the necessary tools to buying parts and supplies. You can use this section to learn more about what your mechanic tells you, or to learn how to do basic maintenance yourself.

Finally, the Troubleshooting tab is a great place to start to diagnose problems with your vehicle. For instance, say no air comes out when you turn on the air conditioning. Choose Climate Control > Air Conditioner and the link to the specific issue. The ARRC suggests several remedies, including checking the air conditioner fuse or loose wiring. I can go back to the Vehicles section to find specifics for checking those in my vehicle.

Create your own freedom with a business of your own. The greatest benefit of self-employment is personal freedom. When you take more control of your choices you will experience independence that money can’t buy. No one can make this happen for you. You will have to do it yourself but Business Plans Handbook can help you get there.

Want to take your hobby to the next level? Want to be your own boss?
Why not let the James V. Brown Library help you? More and more people are choosing to start their own small businesses. One of the most time consuming parts of the process is coming up with a workable business plan. A good plan can help secure funding and get your business off on the right foot.

The James V. Brown Library offers a series of free ebooks with tons of sample business plans. The Business Plans Handbook, available through the eBranch, is a collection of actual business plans compiled from entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses throughout North America. The handbooks include plans taken from manufacturing, retail, and service industries – only the company names and addresses have been changed. It also contains a business plan template and two fictional business plans – all of which can aid users in developing business plans of their own. The plans can be printed or emailed, or even downloaded to an e-reader, if it supports PDF documents.

We have a slew of new plans for 2012, including iPhone App Developer, Nonprofit Concession Stand Business, DVD Kiosk Rental Business, Pressure Washing Business, and a Self Storage Business.

Each plan has an executive summary, market analysis, industry analysis, personnel, business strategy, services, marketing and sales, operations, and financial analysis – everything you need to put together your own plan. Try Business Plans Handbook  (Business Plans Handbook is a premium subscription service but you can have immediate access by using your library card or creating an eCard on the eBranch)

Shawn Newcomer

The James V. Brown Library is Lycoming County’s first sponsor site for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s Fishing Tackle Loaner program. The Library offers fishing gear for free loan. Simply apply for your free library card.  Just bring us your photo ID and proof of address. You can borrow rods, reels and a tackle box full of hooks and other tackle for free. The equipment can be borrowed just like a library book. Twenty-five rods and reels are available for a two-week loan period by adults.

Borrowing fishing tackle is easy as borrowing a book!  Those wanting to borrow the equipment complete a form and the loan is made. The equipment is returned to the site at the end of the loan period.

This program is a partnership between the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the American Sportfishing Association, and The James V Brown Library. The program is designed to make it easy for anyone to access fishing tackle. Whether you are giving fishing a try for the first time, or returning to a childhood activity, these sites provide a loan of free tackle. We hope that borrowers of the equipment will enjoy fishing so much that they are hooked for life.

Make sure to check out our Angler’s Alcove. This unique collection of fishing books, videos and magazines is a cooperative project of James V. Brown Library and the Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  The collection is one of the largest specialized collections in the state and is located in the Moltz Rotunda Reading Room.

The James V. Brown Library also has a comprehensive PA WILDS collection of books, DVDs and magazines highlighting outdoor activities relating to this 12-county area in North Central Pennsylvania.

The collection features materials for adults and children, novices and experts.  Books and DVDs on camping, kayaking, and hiking are available along with guides for outdoor activities such as photography, bird watching and flower identification.  The PA Wilds collection is adjacent to the Angler’s Alcove.

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